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Body Shop Process

Body Shop Process

  • Strip body completely to bare metal
  • Cut out rust damage and replace with new metal
  • Treat body with rust kill/metal prep
  • First coat epoxy primer
  • Test fit and square up all body parts
  • Adjust body gaps and sheet metal fit
  • Disasseble vehicle
  • Block sand and body work
  • Second coat epoxy primer
  • Block sand and light body work (if needed)
  • Sand primer coat
  • Block sand
  • Scotchbright rubdown and cleanup
  • Off to the paint booth!
Where the Fun Begins...

Where the Fun Begins...

The body shop side, better known in the shop as the '"dirty side", is where your project will start. The crucial work that is done here is the foundation of your restoration or paint job, and there is no room for shortcuts. 



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