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Our team, Dustin, John & Bernard
at the Corvette Expo, 2017

Dustin, Uncle Pat and John;  Officially
a Family Owned Business, 2016

John's Corvette with custom true fire, 2007

John prepping his 51' Chevy truck
for a custom paint job in the early 80's

John's '51 Chevy truck

Brandon and Kashmir, 2016

Dustin with John's '51 Chevy Truck, 1986

Dustin and Brandon playing on a racecar

Dustin with John's 1951 Chevy truck, 1987

Dustin with his 1967 Camaro, 1996

Dustin & John, with Grandpa and friends
doing a motorswap on the '67 Camaro, 1998

Dustin with his '67 Camaro after a new
paint job, 1999

Pontiac Oldsmobile & International
Harvester dealership in La Grange, Texas, 1970's

About Creative Classics and Customs

About Creative Classics and Customs

Our business is focused on taking vintage and classic cars and bringing them back to life, sometimes as they were originally built, and other times by creating a classic look with all the modern bells and whistles that technology has to offer. We are often challenged to take a newer muscle car and make it a one of kind that stands out from the hundreds of others like it.

We have become well known for our high standards and quality work that we produce, as well as the ability to make old cars fit together better than they were ever designed to. We are very proud of the reputation we have established in the classic car community of turning out award-winning cars that our customers can be proud of. We work to establish relationships that make our customers feel like they are a part of the process. Our customers are welcome anytime their cars are here to come and see the progress of the work being done. One of the primary things that sets us apart from so many shops is that we only specialize in customs and classics, and are not hampered by the collision side of the business.

We have an incredible group in the shop. John's talent at painting shows in every vehicle that rolls out of the paint booth, Dustin is talented in finishing out new paint and rejuvinating old paint, and Bernard is an extremely creative body man and is quality oriented. We never give up and work hard together to make things happen day in and day out.

We truly appreciate the incredible customers who trust us with their cars and aren’t shy about telling others about our shop.

About John Hardin - Founder and Co-Owner

About John Hardin - Founder and Co-Owner


I started airbrush painting on T-shirts and motorcycles back in the late 70’s, mainly as a hobby while working full time at a plant in Pasadena. After a couple of years, I turned my attention to working and raising a family and was out of painting for over 20 years. When my sons became interested in cars as teenagers I dug out the painting supplies and began practicing airbrushing again after seeing a couple of really cool paint jobs on some of the TV reality shows. 

In 2005, the plant that I worked at for 30 years shut down so I began doing paint work at an existing collision shop, mainly on motorcycles and a few custom cars. My younger son Brandon came to work with us for several years in the beganing, doing body work, metal fabrication, welding and a host of other tasks that were pivotal in making the transition from a collision/custom paint shop, to a full on custom and classic car restoration outfit! During that time I officially partnered up with the shop owner and hired my older son Dustin.   

In 2016, we became a family-owned business when my partner of 10 years sold his portion of the business to my oldest son, Dustin. Today, we have a small crew of highly talented craftsman that allow us to turn out cars that range from Concourse restorations to highly modified and custom show cars. We have been extremely blessed to receive numerous awards both on a local and national level.

About Dustin Hardin, Co-Owner

About Dustin Hardin, Co-Owner

My passion for cars started on day one. With uncles that raced circle track and a Dad doing custom paint work in the garage, its just part of my DNA. Memories of riding in my Dads 1951 Chevy truck as a kid are so vivid in my mind it feels like yesterday, the sounds, smells and feel of that V8 engine roaring down the street will be with me always.

 At age 15 I bought my first car, a 1967 Camaro, which I still own! At 17, I pulled the old straight six engine out and built from scratch a very healthy 355ci V8, while my Dad and I disassembled the body in preparation for a custom paint job.

By this time I was working in a local lube/auto repair shop and remained employed there for several years working with a veteran mechanic, learning basic automotive maintenance and repair. In 2001 I took a job at a local BMW dealership as a technician, eventually becoming factory certified through BMW North America. In 2005 I decided to take a vehicle maintenance position with KBR in Baghdad, Iraq working in direct support of the US Military and its allies. After an incredible experience working in a combat zone and traveling to several countries in the middle east and Europe, I came home in 2007 and went to work for my Dad and his partner here at the shop. I jumped on the opportunity to buy out my Dad's partner in 2016 and could not feel more lucky about doing what I love for a living.

About Bernard Pavlas

About Bernard Pavlas

My love for cars begain in 1960, when my Dad bought a Gulf service station in Shulenburg, TX. I began working there in 1972, doing general service work and in 1975 began doing bodywork for a shop in Weimar, Texas. I was so interested in the bodywork aspect of vehicle repair that in 1978, I enrolled at Texas State Technical Institute to become educated in body, paint and glass work, then took that knowledge back home to the shop in Weimar. In 1979, I began working at a Pontiac Oldsmobile and International Harvester dealership in La Grange, and in 1981 took a job at Brasher Chevrolet in Weimar. I stayed there until 1985, when I moved to the Clear Lake area and began working at Norman Frede Chevrolet. I spent the next 31 years there, during which I went to GM frame repair and welding school, became I-CAR Certified and spent the last 10 years working solely on Corvettes. I retired as the body shop manager in 2016 and soon after joined John and Dustin at Creative Classics & Customs!

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